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Surge Protection

With our meter base surge protection you can enjoy comfort, convenience, and peace of mind, knowing you have our first layer of surge protection coverage for your household needs. Installed behind your electric meter, it diverts the largest surges away from your home, keeping them outside.

Home Wiring Repair

Home Wiring Repair Service is an electrical service plan that provides access to our approved network of independent electrical contractors for repair or, at our option, replacement of certain home electrical components and circuits that wear out or become damaged as a result of normal use. Coverage is limited to $700 annually.

Components covered by this service are listed below:

Wall-mounted receptacles ("electrical outlets")
GFI receptacles ("ground fault interrupters")
Wall-mounted switches
GFI switches
Wall-mounted dimmer switches
Building-mounted circuits, fuses or breakers up to 400 amps
Electric service panels or sub-panels up to 400 amps
Building-mounted main service disconnect
Building-mounted meter-based housing
120- to 240-volt home electrical circuits/wiring (copper or aluminum)

Home Wiring Repair Deluxe

Extends Home Wiring Repair Coverage to $1200 annually.

In addition to Home Wiring bullets, deluxe includes $100 annual limit for installation of ceiling fan, light fixture, or plug-in vehicle charging station (charges over $100 will receive a 15% discount)