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Home Wiring

Home Wiring Repair Service affords your customers $700 worth of electrical repairs to their home. Your customers have no out-of-pocket charges for parts or labor covered under this repair plan. In addition to this, they also receive a 15% discount on any repairs or upgrades that they may want that are not covered by this repair plan.

Home Wiring Repair Service brings you comfort, convenience, and peace of mind! Your customers can rest easy knowing that they are just one phone call away from having one of our licensed and certified technicians assist you with electrical problems in your home!

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  • What is covered under the Home Wiring Repair service?

    The Home Wiring Repair service covers 120/240 volt wiring, switches, outlets, Ground Fault Circuit Indicator (GFCI) receptacles, breakers, fuses, fuse/breaker panels, the meter-housing that's attached to the home, and the components inside of it.

  • Are light fixtures covered?

    No, but we do offer a discounted rate of (15%) off the electrician's normal labor rate for non-covered repairs.

  • Does the service cover detached structures?

    Yes, detached garages and residential dwellings such as a "mother-in-law" apartment, if on the same meter as the residential dwelling, are covered.

  • Does the Home Wiring Repair service cover damage from lightning?

    No, "acts of God", which include but are not limited to lightning, are not covered.

  • Does the service cover pre-existing conditions?

    No, if there are any electrical problems in the home at the time you request the Home Wiring Repair service, the problems are considered pre-existing, and are not covered. However, pre-existing conditions are immediately eligible for a 15% discount off the electrician's normal labor rate.

  • What is not covered under the Home Wiring Repair service?

    The Home Wiring Repair service does not cover building code violations, upgrades/new wiring within a residence, doorbells, intercoms, security system wiring, low-voltage wiring and overloaded circuits. Non-covered repairs are completed at a 15% discount off the electrician's normal labor rates to the customer.

  • Does my home qualify for Home Wiring Repair?

    Home Wiring Repair is available to residential customers who live in a single family home, townhouse, condominium or mobile home. Home Wiring Repair is not available for apartment complexes or commercial properties. Rental homes with the same qualification as a residential customer require the owner to enroll and be billed on their residential account.

  • What is the annual limit amount?

    The annual limit amount is $700 per calendar year. The $700 limit is reset at the beginning of each year, in January. As repairs are completed during the year, the cost of the repair is deducted from the annual limit. If you go over the $700 limit during the year, you are required to pay the electrician directly for any overages, which are calculated at a 15% discount off of the normal labor rate.

  • Is there a waiting period before I can request service?

    Yes, there is an initial 30-day waiting period for covered work. Non-covered work (that is eligible for the 15% discount) is offered as soon as the customer enrolls in the service.

  • What is the 15% non-covered repair discount?

    The 15% non-covered repair discount is a 15% discount off of the electrician's normal labor rate, paid directly to the electrician and offered by the electrician for repairs not covered under the Home Wiring Repair service.

  • Can I use a contractor of my choice to do repairs and still have it covered under the Home Wiring Repair service?

    No, all Home Wiring Repair service repairs are scheduled by one or our representatives. If repairs are completed without contacting Kenick, the customer is fully responsible for all charges.

  • What happens if I cancel the service and then request reinstatement?

    You are free to cancel at any time, however there is a $150 reinstatement fee, payable in full, when you reinstate the service.


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