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The Impact Of Great Customer Satisfaction: Why It Is Important & How To Measure It

Let’s face it - even though many utilities market themselves as ‘customer-centric’, there are many that are missing out on the importance of customer satisfaction. The truth is, focusing on customer service is not a privilege anymore, it’s a common need.

Measuring Your Customer Satisfaction (CSAT): Why Utilities Need To Perform This Check

One of the best methods to establish whether your customers are satisfied is to directly ask them through surveys, focus groups and even feedback forms online.

The basic forms of a CSAT test include questions like:

  • Were you satisfied with ___? (Yes/No)
  • On a scale of 1-10, how satisfied are you with our services? (1-10)
  • How would you rate your satisfaction with ____ ? (1-10) (this could be referring to a specific team, a specific service etc.)

CSAT tests are issued after the service is done and can take the form of a short questionnaire as a follow up and is a great way to direct the customer’s attention towards your website.

The best way to measure your CSAT is to divide the number of customers who responded as satisfied with the number of total customers surveyed. When you get a number, you should multiply it by 100 and you will get the percent of satisfied customers - just like the image below.

How To Achieve The Goal Of Loyal Customers

A way to achieve great customer satisfaction levels is to first understand your customers and their needs. Adding a Surge protection program is a natural fit to any electric utility. It is a proven method by IOUs and co-ops alike.

Surge protection programs, especially those designed with meter base surge protectors, enable your customers to have the added benefit that is something that they cannot get on their own.

Customer satisfaction should be the goal of every utility and customer experience is the main indicator that shows the way in which a utility is improving or falling behind. Give them the extra service of providing a surge protection program.