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KENICK, Inc. (KENICK) is an engineering based consulting firm providing surge protection program design and operational support, strengthened by a proven line of surge protection products. KENICK supports over 110 electric utility clients and businesses across the US.

Established in 1989, KENICK has former utility surge protection program managers on staff to support our existing clients and to help new utility clients design and grow successful surge protection programs. Our client list continues to grow and includes innovative teams at IOUs, Cooperatives and Municipalities across the US.

If you are considering starting up a program, or refreshing an existing one, KENICK can connect you with key leaders in these cutting-edge utilities, for both program development insights and referrals!

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Address: 11400 47th St., Suite A Clearwater, FL 33762

Why offer a Surge Protection Program?


Customer homes and appliances are becoming increasingly dependent on the use of microprocessor based technology in their design and operation. The need for extra protection for these high value devices continues to grow as the use of technology increases.

Keep It Outside!

A utility-based surge protection program provides a unique solution option by establishing a secure line of defense that captures surges “outside” at the electric meter enclosure rather than allowing the full intensity of a transient surge to enter a home. Keep it outside!


Customer experience improvements: Increases of 10 to 16 points have been documented through Customer Satisfaction Surveys (CSAT) for customers that participate in a utility-based surge protection program.


A residential surge protection program creates a new non-electric revenue source which quickly grows as customer participation increases. (Expect $1.2M/year recurring revenue per 10K participants)

Expanded Warranty

Additional program options can include expanded warranty coverages (and resultant revenue) for electronics. (Expect $800K/year potential recurring revenue per 10K participants for this option)

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