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Electrifying Success: Kenick Sparks Interest at CSWeek (rebranded to IUCX)


Fort Worth, Texas (April 29, 2024) The recent CS Week conference, held in Forth Worth from April 29 to May 2nd, proved to be a dynamic platform for networking, showcasing new utility technology, and fostering industry connections. Kenick's mission is to help utilities safeguard customer's homes against power surges with their surge protection product line designed for utilites.

Throughout the duration of the trade show, the team from Kenick engaged in meaningful conversations with utility professionals, engineers, and industry experts. These interactions not only highlighted the importance of surge protection in today's infrastructure but also provided valuable insights into emerging trends and challenges within the sector. By actively participating in discussions and sharing their knowledge, the Kenick team solidified their position as trusted advisors within the industry.

The event provided an invaluable platform to showcase Kenick products, connect with industry peers, and gain valuable insights into the evolving landscape of utility infrastructure. Armed with newfound knowledge and strengthened relationships, they are poised to continue their mission of safeguarding against power surges and enhancing the resilience of electrical systems.

A Million Reasons Why


Clearwater, Florida (March 13, 2022) “A Million reasons why?” Celebrating the successful installation of over 1 million meter base surge protectors.”

For over 30 years, Kenick, Inc. (KENICK) has worked with electric utilities across the country, providing program design, support, and proven products to help protect their customers from transient surge damage. Recently, we hit a milestone…

Over 1 million homes are protected by a KENICK low profile meter base surge protector!

So, what is a million?

  • *It’s the number of times your heart beats in 10 days.
  • *It’s the equivalent of 550 cups of “designer” coffee.
  • *It is the cost of 83,333 large single-topping pizzas.
  • *If we placed 1 million meter base surge protectors side by side, they would stretch 110 ½ miles! That’s the distance from New York City to Atlantic City!
  • *If we stacked 1 million of our meter base surge protectors on top of each other, they would reach 24 miles into the sky… right where Felix Baumgartner made his supersonic leap on February 4, 2014. (Here’s the link to the GoPro video of his famous jump! )

Where the above information may prove interesting, the most important achievement is our knowing that one million homes are protected by our low profile meter base surge protector as thunderstorms pass through the area.

If you want to learn how your utility can become part of our “second million” of homes being protected, please call 800-362-9997.

“Thanks a million!”

Announcing High Exposure Surge protectors for Critical System Infrastructure.


Clearwater, Florida (December 21, 2020) Kenick is continuously designing and developing new surge protection products in response to client needs.

Our VSS20 high exposure multi-stage plug-in surge protector series has taken the industry "by storm", protecting critical infrastructure from transient surge damage.

Tens of thousands of VSS20s are used by cable/internet system providers to protect their critical system infrastructure and electronics. Truck rolls to repair/replace system amplifiers following storms have dropped from over 30% to virtually ZERO surge-related failures after installing the VSS20s.

Electric utilities can now experience the same level of near-total reliability for their field equipment and critical infrastructure. The VSS20 will protect amplifiers, voltage regulators, capacitor controls, AMI transmitters, SCADA system, and smart grid equipment. Plug-in and hard-wire options available for 120 and 240-Volt (single-phase) applications.

For additional information about the VSS20 and how it can save your system from surge damage, contact Tracy Horrell at (Ask Tracy how a VSS20 "handled" a 7200-Volt line drop onto a cable amplifier!)

Kenick sourcing locally for over 30 years.


Clearwater, Florida (November 4, 2020) Kenick has partnered with local sourcing, manufacturers, and assembly houses for many years.

"Our US partner initiatives have allowed us to be responsive to our changing customer needs. Even with current market delays in delivery, increasing costs for transportation, and impacts on the global supply chain caused by COVID, we have still been able to deliver promptly to our customers."

This focus on local sourcing and quality management will continue to help Kenick navigate some of the hurdles that others have faced this 2020 season.

"Here at Kenick, we are continuously searching for new and innovative approaches to surge protection and other electronic safety measures. This enables us to improve our existing product lines and develop new original lines to meet the needs of our customers."

For additonal information contact us.



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