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Plug-In Protectors

Often we hear from our utility customers that selling the plug-in products can be challenging due to the wide variety of retail surge devices. There is a very big difference between most retail surge devices and what we provide to utilities. We have learned over the last 30 years of supplying surge to utilities that providing them with a cheap “retail quality” product is a disservice to the end consumer. The utility is in the best position to insure their customers are getting excellent performing products and with that comes a higher cost.

STEP 1 (Meter Base Protector) - Installed behind the electric meter, the meter base protector diverts the largest portion of a surge safely into the ground, before it can enter the house, protecting major appliances.
STEP 2 (Plug-in Protector) - Protects sensitive electronics such as computers, TVs and game systems. To protect them, we offer Premium Plug-In Protectors. This is important, it enables your devices to be protected from surges coming in on phone and cable lines.

The MPM8-AV Multimedia Power Strip suppressor has eight receptacles to power your sensitive electronics. Its high energy circuitry absorbs and reroutes surge energy to ground or in the event of catastrophic surge, completely disconnects power.


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