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Extended Electronics Coverage

For utilities that want to offer additional protection to their customers, our extended electronics warranty offers advanced protection for customers who are enrolled on a Surge Protection program that utilizes one of our meter base surge protecters. Customers are line item billed on their electric bill for this service.

Call us at 800-362-9997 for additional information.

Here's how it works:

Notification Customer informs the utility
Evaluate Items are assessed to verify surge damage.
Complete Form Customer will complete a claims form.
Get Reimbursed Kenick will review and reimburse the utility.
Covered electronics include:

Televisions, Computers, Tablets, Home Theaters, Gaming Systems and other plug-in electronics

Keep it outside

Whenever a transient surge attempts to enter the home, the meter base surge protector jumps into action, capturing and diverting the vast majority of the surge event to ground BEFORE it enters your home. This protects your major appliances from damage.


The small remaining surge can still cause some damage to sensative electronics. This is why we are now offering Extended Electronics Warranty.


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