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We have the gear to protect your customers' and members' appliances. With many different Surge Protection and Power Quality products available, we are sure to find the perfect solution for you and your customers.

We would be happy to connect you with many successful program managers, like the ones below!

"After working with Kenick, I don't want to work with anyone else! They are always there when we need them like another friendly and helpful team member. It is so refreshing to have another person pick up the phone."
-Program Manager, Cooperative
"They're exactly what we've been looking for, adding that extra effort to make our program smooth and successful."
-Manager, Muni
"We are always treated right, enough said."
-Procurement, IOU
"Thank you for making it painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free!"
-Program & Services Manager, IOU
"When the products we install need to be perfect there are only so many companies to go with. I've never been let down with their efforts."
-Field Coordinator, IOU
"I have it on my home, I know it works which is why I have no problem recommending it to folks who call in."
-Customer Service Rep Muni

"[Our] working relationship with Kenick is, and always has been, mutually rewarding and beneficial. We’ve tried other companies and have found NO ONE’S surge protection products compatible with what we’ve received from Kenick when comparing product and price. Kenick was instrumental in helping [us] set-up a very lucrative and yet value added service for our members. Of the members who sign up for our surge protection lease program, 99% never come off of it. What I like most is that I can always count on the folks at Kenick to be there for me when I need advice or am just trying to figure out the best way to help meet the needs of one of our members struggling with lightning and/or grounding issues.

In addition, Kenick has great marketing materials of which I have unlimited access when needed, and they even allow me to customize and co-brand it. We have also taken advantage of Kenick’s employee training class, “Surge Protection 101” and found it to be very informative and beneficial for all our employees (CSRs & Marketing as well as lineman)."

-Manager of Marketing & Communications, Coop
The best thing about Kenick is that they listen to us, about what our needs are and then go and build the product that best suits our company’s needs. They will come to our consumers' location and again listen [to] their problem and offer the best solution for them.
-Manager of Energy Services/Field Reps, Coop
"Kenick understands co-ops and the unique characteristics of our business. We relate to our members differently than IOUs relate to their customers. The people at Kenick make their realtionship with their clients a top priority."
-Manager of Member and Public Affairs Coop
"Most importantly, KENICK's equipment really works. At most I've received two multimedia strips that had been damaged by surge with no loss to member equipment. Sending in an arrester for testing is an easy process. I don't have to follow up to find out when it will be returned."
-Member Service Representative, Coop
"The training Peter Jackson provides to our customer service reps and commercial customers has made a real difference in our ability to effectively provide surge protection."
-Manager of Energy and Business Services, Coop
"Until this past year, our cooperative had three different surge product lines deployed across our system. Due to the product quality, customer support and customer service we have received through Kenick, our cooperative opted to do a change-out of all surge units to the Kenick product line only. Since doing so, customer complaints and claims filed have practically diminished."
-Manager of Marketing and Communications Coop