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Keep It Outside!

Whenever a transient surge (a cool name for spike or surge) attempts to enter the home, the meter base surge protector jumps into action, capturing and diverting 80% of the intensity of the surge event to earth ground BEFORE it enters the home!

The small remaining surge is easily “mopped up” by plug-in surge protectors installed (or need to be installed) at sensitive electronics in the home.

Over the years, we have received a lot of feedback from our utility clients and their customers sharing praise that our surge protector “worked” protecting their home from a major transient surge event. Others shared frustration by customers who, for various reasons, decided not to have surge protection installed and then changed their mind after they had experienced damage.

Here are a few thoughts to consider when discussing the benefits of having surge protection installed.

Stage 1 - Keep it outside!

This statement describes in simple terms, what the meter base surge protector actually does as it maintains constant vigil, protecting the electrical power feed to a home 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year for over 10 years!

Stage 2 - Panel!

If your utility doesn’t have a meter base surge protection program you can have an electrician install a hard wired device at your panel. These devices are installed on the load side of service equipment.

Stage 3 - Point of Utilization

Plug-in surge protection devices are direct plug-in receptacle protectors. We have a wide variety of plug-in protectors, many of which are not included in this catalog. If you have a specific need please call us and we’ll match you up with a solution for your needs.


Check out our one page Keep It Outside Flyer!