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Understanding the Meter Base Surge Protector

The meter base surge protector is vital for successful utility-based surge protection programs. Its unique design and placement separate it from other surge protection device options, creating an essential first line of defense against transient surges that attempt to enter your home.

Panel vs Meter Enclosure

Panel vs. Meter Enclosure – Why a device at the meter enclosure is more effective than at the panel. As electric utilities consider offering a residential surge protection program, questions often arise as to where to place the surge protector. This blog is intended to help the reader better understand the logic behind the placement of the surge protection device at the meter enclosure.

High Exposure Protection

The VSS20 surge protector is a “series” device, with an initial set of metal oxide Varistors™, an “X-coil™” inductive choke and a follow-up set of MOV’s. This configuration stops transient surges from passing through and causing damage.

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