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Utility Surge Protection: How utilities market their programs.

We surveyed our utility clients and captured the many ways they promote their surge protection programs.

What are other utilities doing for their program?

Most marketing is carried out through a combination of web page, social media, email and bill inserts. Typical customer response rates are 1 to 3% depending on time of year, number of thunder storms and customer program knowledge through prior media campaigns.

What method has the most effective close rate?

Letting your members or customers know that you have a program by mentioning it at the end of inbound calls has about a 10% close rate. It can be as simple as, "Before you go, did you know we have a surge protection program?". Please make sure that your call center agents have a complete understanding of surge protection and why utility based surge protection programs are the best choice in protecting their home. (Call us about our Surge Protection 101 class.)

If you take payments in person, having a brochure stand or some flyers on the counter can be effective. Even more effective, having the customer service rep offer a coupon that promotes free or discounted installation.

What is the lowest cost for a small budget?

Making a banner on your home page or posting on your social media account about your program can generate traffic. If you also have the option for online enrollment, you will see more interested people. Online signup could be as simple as having a form on your website.

Adding a bill message is another low-cost option that many utilities utilize during storm season. Often it is a good idea to use multiple channels at the same time. Bill inserts can also be a nice adder and can be printed on very thin paper as to not increase your postage.

Email campaigns have also proven to be a very effective enrollment avenue.

What other options are there?

Below is the complete list of marketing channels that were reported back to us from our survey. Do you use a method that isn't here? Please let us know, you can send us an email ( or give us a buzz at 800-362-9997, and we'll add your idea!

  • >Direct Mail
  • >Email
  • >Bill Inserts
  • >Bill Messages
  • >Phone/IVR prompt
  • >Phone message during hold
  • >Outbound calling
  • >Inbound offering at the end of a call
  • >Google Ads
  • >Social Media posts
  • >Social Media Ads
  • >Newsletter
  • >Web page
  • >Web Enrollment Form
  • >Radio
  • >TV Commercial
  • >Podcast
  • >Lobby flyer or handout
  • >Annual Meeting spot or booth